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Sit back and relax!

You have now reached that point where you need an objective bird’s eye view of your achievements.

Our Compliance Verification Auditors will visit you and take a critical approach to what you have achieved.

We will give you a report on each audit and this will include a legal opinion from one of our SHEQ Legal specialists. From this you can decide the road going forward. But, keep in mind, your decision will affect your business’ over all risk profile.

What we need to look at:

  1. The risks have been addressed and a formal decision made on how to best deal with it.
  2. The people made responsible for the SHEQ Management program have exercised their functions with diligence and are competent to do so.
  3. The recommendations and complaints have been treated on a case-by-case basis and decisions made on each case.
  4. Your employees have been informed about each and every decision made by management.
  5. Employees have been granted the opportunity to comment on each decision.
  6. Each comment has been evaluated and treated in a fair and justifiable manner.

Now we leave it up to you to take the next step.