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SHEQ Project Management

It takes more than one to manage a project.

The ultimate goal of any Management System is to ensure compliance with standards and laws.
Our SHEQ Project Management service is specifically established to guarantee things happen on time, every time.
We work hand in glove with your internal team to assess the scope of your management system, the critical control points and key events. From there we help you prepare a project plan to manage the program according to the applicable regulations and standards as well as your internal program requirements.
As your project managers, our function is to liaise with your suppliers and service providers to ensure control points are covered when due. Think of us as your human diary of events. Not only do we liaise with and ensure quality service and products are provided, we also provide you with an annual budget and an inspection and co-ordination team to perform regular inspections on control items in your SHEQ program.
You get the benefit of a dedicated SHEQ Project Manager assigned to your company.
We make it happen; you focus on your core business.
The Cygma SHEQ Project Management Service is a full turn-key solution to legal compliance.
For a confidential discussion on your needs and the process ahead, contact any of our Executive team members.
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