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SHEQ Implementation

The moment of truth has arrived! Your new strategic direction needs to be implemented. And this is where the smart work starts.

It starts with a Baseline Risk Profile

First, we need to establish a baseline risk profile. Then we need to analyse the risks based on a concept we call “Cost of Control”. It is absolutely pointless to spend R100 000 to remove a risk that will only cost R500 to transfer. Establishing as Baseline Risk Profile will involve all employees in your company. Who knows the hazards best, than the people on the floor?

Assigning responsibility

We are well-aware that you are familiar with the phrase “Legal appointments”. However, nobody has ever published the nature of these so-called legal appointments. Our competitors rely on a “checklist” of some sort, but do so blindly, without understanding your business at all.

Our position is simple. It is the employer’s job to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. It is therefore also the employer’s prerogative to decide how this would be done within the available resources in the business. Under current OHS legislation*, there are only two “legal appointments” that involves a full-time employee. All the others can be outsourced.

Ensuring Competence

With responsibility comes authority, and no person would be more empowered than the one who is familiar with the problem, and have your written permission to fix it.

* Excludes Mines, Construction and Maritime operations.

Our next stage is to verify everything is working for your benefit.