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Health & Wellbeing

Employee health and well-being is an important factor in productivity and absenteeism.  And when it comes to this field, the variables are constantly growing. As advances in medical research identifies new problems, keeping up with the countless issues have become a gauntlet even the toughest cannot crack.

In today’s modern business environment, the issue of employee wellness has taken center stage, and stress related illnesses have become part of “doing business”. Deadlines, peer-pressure, performance and productivity demands are part of the competitive world we live in. But when the going gets tough, only the tough stays alive.

There are numerous factors influencing employee health at work. Most common are exposure to high levels of noise, chemicals or biological hazards. But the less known are the global silent killers. Stress, fatigue and burn-out are the new “No go” zones in business.

Spend time with us, and we will guide you through the process to ensure you have a “happy” workforce.

Once again, we will take the Cygma 6 step approach and work with you on this.