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New Employment & Labour Department declares “war” on Accidents

The newly rebranded Department of Employment and Labour under Minister T. Nxesi has called on business to form a partnership with government and declare war on workplace accidents and injuries.

This is a noble quest, which in its current form, government can not expect to achieve. Notably, there is no scientific evidence linking a lack of compliance with the law and the frequency workplace accidents. Research has shown that companies with high accident rates have successfully reduced its frequency by implementing OHS management programs.  But it fails to prove that accidents will happen when you do not have an OHS program in place.

Accidents do happen. It is part of life. Nobody gets up in the morning with the intent to get hurt. And regardless of how careful one is, it still happens; albeit because of others.

Nevertheless, even if you never had an accident, and you don’t have an OHS program of some kind, there will be requirements in the various peaces of legislation that could be used to charge you in a criminal court.

It is always better to be safe a thousand times, than being dead only once. One fatal accident can shut a company down.

Why not be safe and find out how big your problem is?

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