SHEQ Management Professionals

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Safety Always Matters
That's why it's our #1 Priority.
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Our Work Approach
Practical, effective and proficient.

Initiation & Concept

The success of any project depends on its planning. In the SHEQ field, it is no different. Before you embark on a compliance program, we sit with you and discuss the overall need of your business or corporation. This is more for our benefit than yours, and therefore we do this entirely on risk.

Design & Scope Definition

Based on the proper understanding of your business needs, we develop a concept design if your management system, which is then followed by a process to define the scope or extent of the management program. Some of the key performance indicators will be highlighted during this stage and will pave the way towards a strategic plan.

Feasibility and Strategy

The Scope of any project determines the ultimate cost. It is therefore important to assist you in determining your strategic objectives within each business process to determine your risk and compliance philosophy. Combining these factors with the concept project plan, we are able to determine the cost to the business.
Our field of Experience
We are different from our competitors. In our work-ethic; in our solutions; in our commitment and even in our fees.
Each discipline in SHEQ is treated as a specialist field, managed by a specialist, to ensure the constant improvement of our information shared with our product development teams, our clients and the general public. Our commitment is toward practical, affordable and sustainable solutions for your business.

This is CygmaSHEQ

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