Human Factors & Ergonomics

Occupational Health is a specialist service provided by registered medical practitioners and occupational health nurses. Other specialists includes audiologists as well as optomotrists.

Supported by our partner network of approved inspection authorities, we manage your entire OHM program from initial risk assessment to post-employment exit medical examination.

Occupational Health risks in South Africa is governed under three specific regulations, with a fourt being added in 2017.

These risks are:

  • Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
  • Exposure to Hazardous Biological Agents
  • Exposure to Noise, and
  • Ergonomics.

The majority of workplaces has one or more of these risks very prevalent in their operations, and it is imperative to make an assessment of the significance of these risks before spending valuable resources on OHM programs.


Managing exposure to risks in the health care sector is a very specialist field. Our Health & Hygiene division deals specifically with exposure to Biological Agents in the medical, dental and veterinary sectors.

We offer a turn-key solution, from initial risk assessment to certification of your management system according to OSHAS 18000 or ISO 45000 as required by the Department of Labour.

As the point of departure in our service offering, we can assist you to comply with the Hazardous Biological Agents regulations published under the Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1993.


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