Franchise Information

Cygma SHEQ offers an unique opportunity for professionals in Safety, Occ Health, Environment and Quality management to start their own business.

If you are qualified in any SHEQ field, have experience in a management role, or are currently in a consulting capacity, we want to hear from you.

What you need to know:

1. Although we use the term “franchise”, our offer is not a 100% pure franchise. The difference lies in the company that you will be managed. With a pure franchise, you own the company and use the franchisor’s trade name and intellectual property. In our case, you don’t own a seperate company, but a share in Cygma SHEQ SA (Pty)Ltd.

2. You will work independently, under a formal pricing structure. We prescribe the professional rates and prices charged for the various products and services.

3. You will work fully autonomously, without supervision, but will be supported by experienced professionals in the delivery of services.

4. The total investment required from your part is R175 000. However, this is not paid upfront. We will enter into a debt agreement with you, whereby you undertake to settle 90% of the purchase price over a period of 60 months. After this period, you will be a full franchise of the company, and a franchise agreement will be signed with you to allow you to continue your business for a period of 5 years at a time. All you need to start is 10% of the purchase price as an investment in the company mentioned above.

Why are we doing it this way?

We have learned from experience that many SHEQ Practitioners venture out of the formal employment market into their own businesses, and within 2 years, they fail. In order to prevent you from losing too much money, and also to allow us to sell out if you fail, we have introduced a co-ownership period of 5 years as the first step. During this period we will evaluate your business performance and guide you to become better. It is not in our interest if you fail, but because you will work independently, we cannot accept responsibility for your success or failure. It is entirely in your hands. If you follow our procedures, you will not fail.

If you are interested in joining our team, get in touch with us for an initial interview.


Investment: R175 000

Deposit: R17 500

Balance of Debt: R157 500

Conditions of Debt: Repaid from sales

Management Fees (Royalty): A minimum of R1 968.75 plus:

  • Marketing fee of R750 per month
  • Administrative fee of R45 per invoiced sale
  • Support fee of 4,5% of monthly income

Minimum reserve capital required: An amount equal to 12 months of your monthly personal expenses.


Your income is derived from the various products we offer as well as your own professional services provided to clients.


You will be in the “start-up” of a new business with no clients or income.