Cygma signs 5 year SLA with Black owned SHEQContractor

Cape Town – Cygma SHEQ South Africa has signed a 5 year service level agreement with SHEQContractor to provide Safety Services to small construction contractors in the South African market. This SLA is part of a restructuring process of the Cygma Group and part of its strategic plan to gain market share as Africa’s largest SHEQ consultancy.

In January 2017, the Group announced its selling of its share in De Novo Media, the owners of SHEQContractor. Part of the sale was a 5 year mentorship program for junior level CHSO’s to allow them to progress to registered practitioner level as required in the 2014 Construction regulations.

SHEQContractor will provide all Construction Health & Safety services to Cygma SHEQ on project sites where Cygma is appointed by the principal contractor or client, creating more continuity and higher standards of compliance. According to the Group CEO, Rudy Maritz, the Code of Conduct of the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) prohibits Construction Health & Safety Managers to work for both the principal contractor and its sub-contractors on the same site. This is mainly due to the former’s legal obligation to audit the contractor and to prevent conflict of interest.

With the Scope of Services of the client agents and the professional team requiring greater emphasis on design risk management and safe construction, Cygma SHEQ offers clients and principal contractors a one-stop solution without conflict of interest.

According to Maritz, the parent agreement has been signed, but SHEQContractor still needs to appoint their board of directors and get the chairperson to ratify the commercial agreement which will stipulate the process to integrate the two companies’ operational systems to provide clients with a unified approach to construction safety management. One of the key issues is misuse of authority by principal CHS consultants, pressuring contractors to make use of their services by rejecting their Safety plans and failing them during audits. It is not in the best interest of the client and certainly not an advancement of the CHS profession which is currently marred with obstacles.

SHEQContractor has also been given a mandate to ensure at least 200 new business opportunities are created for entry level CHSO’s as part of the agreement.

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